Disassembly, Writing Menopause, Inanna Publications, pp, 21-31.

This story is about a family that is disintegrating, their dog, labour unions, and menopause. I thought of it while reading one of those “man-goes-on-a-rampage” stories in the newspaper that are all too common. Every rampage has its origin story, every rampager has, or had, a family.


Nine Steps to Becky, Freshwater Pearls, Recliner Books, pp 107-114, 2011.

This story is about Barbies, alcoholism, suburban sprawl and regret. It is in a collection celebrating thirty years of writing at the Alexandra Writers Centre, an organization I belonged to while living and writing in Calgary. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping writers write. What could be better than that?


Weight, Freefall, Volume XX Number 2, Fall/Winter, pp 29-35, 2010.

This story was a finalist for the Howard O’Hagan Short Fiction Award, presented by the Alberta Writers Guild. It was a genuine honour to be nominated, let alone be a finalist for this prize. The prize that year was won by Rudy Wiebe, a wonderful Alberta writer, and I am still amazed that I was on the same list. The story is very Canadian, about a woman driving from Northern Ontario to Toronto, and while on the road, she hits a deer. It is about birth, death, and of course, regret.